Plantskydd products

plantskydd-logoPlantskydd is effective in protecting flowers, ornamentals, shrubs, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and other food crops. It provides up to six (6) months of protection over the winter and 3-4 months within the growing season.

We carry the following items:

Plantskydd Repellent
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  • 1 lb. box Plantskydd Repellent
  • 3 lb. box Plantskydd Repellent
  • 7 lb. box Plantskydd Repellent
Plantskydd Ready to use Jug
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  • 1.32 oz liquid Plantskydd Ready to use Jug
Plantskydd Soluble Powder Concentrate
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  • 1 lb. box Plantskydd Soluble Powder Concentrate

More information can be found on the Plantskydd Website .

* If you are looking for a certain product, please contact our office and we can provide pricing and availability for you.

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