Plant Delivery Information

Are the plants you want bigger than your car? Not a problem. Simply ask to set up for plant delivery. Here are some details about our delivery program.

Our normal delivery charge is set at a minimum of $5.00 per mile (one way charge/”loaded mile”). We use google maps/ mapquest to determine delivery mileage from our location at 121 Commercial Street, Concord, NH. There is a minimum delivery charge of $25.00 for local deliveries.

If we can load your delivery by hand/small machine and it fits in a pickup truck or small dump truck you can use this delivery schematic. If we need larger machinery to load larger trucks and trailers additional charges will apply.

For larger deliveries take advantage of our installation program.


Google Maps



We make sure that we carefully and professionally cover/tarp your plants on all of our trucks. This ensures that your plants are protected from windburn. This will happen if your plants are not protected by tarps. Winds will desiccate the moisture in the leaves. Please water your plants as soon as they are delivered. If you can’t plant them right away, put them in the shade for easier maintenance. We offer “tailgate” delivery, meaning we unload them where our truck is parked. If you need the plants placed away from the truck, this can be done at an additional cost.


If needed, we will gladly help load your vehicle with your purchase! If you have a pickup or trailer-please remember to bring a tarp/ blanket to cover the plants. We sell tarps in our garden center in case you forget one.

Request a quote or call us today for a free estimate. (603) 224-4350

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