Bark Mulch Installation

We can spruce up your residence with professionally edged landscape beds and fresh application of bark mulch. Did you know that too much bark mulch is bad for plants? Especially when it is “volcanoed” up the tree trunk. We carefully inspect the beds to make sure the correct approach is made.

Machine Blowing Bark Mulch

Brochu’s uses a state of the art Finn Bark Mulch Blower for our mulching jobs. We can easily install mulch on hard to reach areas, steep slopes, and all mulch beds with ease. Bark blowing is much more efficient than the old shovel & wheelbarrow technique. This technique provides a refined finished look that is unattainable by any other method of application.

We make your yard look great. Mulch blowing eliminates unsightly piles of material waiting to be spread, no property damage trying to dump closer, no stains from piles of material. The area of application looks fresh and neat, and visually pleasing.

The most important attribute of using a mulch blowing machine to install new mulch or to refresh existing mulch is that it will save time and the amount of mulch being used (up to 40%), which results in savings for our customers.

Bark Mulch Installed By Hand

If machine work is not for you, we also offer this service by hand. Bark Mulch is simply a natural product from the forest. Mulch controls weeds without herbicides, naturally decomposes to enrich soil and reduces soil erosion. Plus you get that look of newness and freshness year round.

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