General Information about Sod

Each roll measures 10 sq. ft. (2’ x 5’). Due to harvesting constraints, sizes may vary.

To determine how many rolls of sod you will need by calculating the area of the space where you will be laying your sod by multiplying its length by its width and dividing that number by ten.

You can purchase an entire pallet or purchase by the individual piece.
There are 50 rolls per pallet (500 sq. ft.). If you take the entire pallet there will be $10.00 deposit, which is refunded on return of pallet.

Sod is perishable and must be installed and watered immediately. Therefore, all sales are final. When material is picked up, it must be tarped to prevent drying.

All deliveries must be pre-paid prior to delivery. Sod availability is determined by weather conditions and trucking, please call ahead to ensure product availability.

Delivery is available upon request. Please call for pricing – (603) 224-4350

Sod Installation

Prepare the area

To prepare the soil, rototill or spade the soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. Remove sticks, stones, roots and other debris. Smooth the soil by raking. If needed take soil test samples and follow recommendations. In accordance with the soil test, spread one 40 lb. bag of pelletized lime per 1000 square feet, and fertilizer. Firm the soil by lightly rolling. Fill in any low spots.

Laying the Sod

Start at a straight line such as a walkway. Without overlapping or having spaces between strips of sod, make sure that all joints are butted tightly together without overlap or spaces between strips of sod. Stagger the joints in each row. When cutting around trees, planting beds or for shaping areas, use a sharp knife for cutting the sod.

After laying the sod, completely soak it with at least 1″ of water. Start watering 20 minutes after the first strip is laid.

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